Our Purpose

There is something fascinating about a spool of thread. It is simple, yet strong and complex enough to create a beautiful garment of character and integrity.

While clothing is an important expression of each individual, the measure of our lives goes much deeper. The Psalmist says"...you knit me together” by a Creator who, thread by thread, and piece by piece tailored each of us as a masterpiece.

For 33 years, our purpose at Stitch-It & Co. has been to create a personal experience for all of our friends, family, and customers. We believe first and foremost that our business is built not on numbers and spreadsheets but on the relationships we build. And, while fine clothing does not create or imply great character, we believe the way we present ourselves speak volumes.

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost;

When health is lost something is lost;
When character is lost, all is lost"
- Billy Graham

What Our Customers Say

  • In a world where terms like “artisan” and “bespoke” get thrown around with impunity, Jeff Loring and his team are the real deal. Jeff has the sure hand of a craftsman…

    imageDean MasulloUniversity School of Nashville Read More
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